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now you want a baby

I mean, whatever. They're better than dogs.

But, you'll want to do the same things you do for your cat when you get a new dog.

Here's a review:

  • Give me my own space that is kid free

  • Make sure my litter boxes cannot be accessed by the children once they start moving. (Have you heard of sensory bins? Well, I don't want my litter box to turn into one, and neither do you.)

  • Spend lots of time with me

  • Give me cat trees and cat scratchers. put one in your new kid's room.

  • Spread my scent in your new kid's room. An added bonus is that exposing them to my fur makes them less likely to become allergic.

  • Let me hang out with your while you are doing baby things. Let me get close to you while you are holding them. Maybe they need their hair styled, I don't know.

love tiny


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