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Stats: Senior + + spayed Flame point

Tilly was surrendered to the local animal shelter with advanced Kidney disease. Her first foster parent had a long work trip on the horizon, so Tilly moved in with me. She loved to be groomed, but her skin was so delicate that she could only stand to be groomed with a velvety lint brush. She enjoyed her kidney diet and her daily sub Q fluids. But, she had some litter box issues, which was totally understandable.

What led Tilly out of the box: Illness

Because Tilly had terminal kidney disease, she, unfortunately, was never going to feel better, and we had to do our best to manage her litter box issues while keeping her as comfortable as possible.

Solution: More litter boxes

As it turned out, the solution for Tilly was simple---an abundance of litter boxes placed in easy to get to locations.

RIP Tilly. I hope we made your last days as pleasant as possible.

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