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Did your cat stop using the litter box?

Kitten on the Stairs
It's not because she's mad at you, and she's not trying to get back at you. If you are finding cat urine outside of the litter box, your cat is probably anxious about something. One thing that most people don't know is that cats find the scent of their own urine calming. 
When my cat Tiny stopped using her litter box, I had to go deep into the internet to find a solution. I pieced together information from cat forums, read several cat behavior books and websites, and talked about cat urine to anyone who would listen. 

I put this website together to help owners who might be experiencing what Tiny and I experienced, in the hopes of keeping all the inappropriate urinators in their homes. 


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Tiny is the cat behind this site. She's 12 years old, loves Nutritional Yeast and has the most tenuous relationship with the litter box that I have ever witnessed. I firmly believe that if Tiny could learn to urinate in her litter box, any cat can.

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